Editing Products in the Availability Manager

1: Access the Availability Manager (AVM) either through your Weekly Reminder Email or the bookmarked page in your Browser:

2: Now that you’ve accessed your AVM:

    1. Click the Product in your list that you’d like to EDIT.

**Keep in mind that the Product List is Segmented into Tabs for “Available and Limited”, “Unavailable”, and “All”
You may have to choose the appropriate Tab to find the Product you’re trying to edit.**

3: Edit the Product Details and Availability Status as Needed:

    1. Edit Product Screen will Slide in from the Right.
    2. Edit Information As Needed. ** NOTE ** You may need to scroll up to see all the fields, including the prices for different buyers.
    3. Click “Update Product” when you’re done. Again, you may need to scroll up to see the Update Product button.

You’re now back in the Availability Manager listing and can Edit more Products as needed.

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