Receiving products priced by weight

Certain products like meat and cheese are sold by the cut or piece, but priced by weight. For example, if you buy 1 cut of pork belly, it may weigh anywhere from 4 to 9 lbs and you will be charged per pound. 

On Forager, you can order these just as you would in real life: you can order them by each and input the exact weight when they are delivered.

In this example, we will order a meat product that is sold in cuts.

In Products, you can see that "Beef, Chuck Steak" has estimated size of 8.0 lb and unit price of $6.99/lb. You can add the number of cuts you want to your cart by each. Here, we are ordering 10 cuts.

Once you place the order, it will show up as you ordered. 10 cuts of chuck steak, estimated 8 lbs per cut, and priced $6.99/lb. The total estimated price is $559.20.

Once the order is delivered and you know the exact weight of the product you received, you can easily update your order to reflect that. Click "Edit Order", change "Each" to "lb", and input the final weight that was delivered. Here, the final weight was 72.2 lbs (not the estimated 80 lbs) and the final price is automatically calculated by the unit price of $6.99, totaling $504.68.

Please note that this is only available for products categorized as "Meat & Cheese".

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