Setting up price lists


Price lists are live pages you can create for each or groups of your buyers that are not on Forager.  Share the page once, and they can always go back to check the  latest price. This allows you to manage all of your wholesale availability and pricing in one place, where buyers can go any time without needing to get an email or call from you.

Creating price lists

  1. Click “Manage Price Lists”
  2. Click “Add Price List”
  3. Give it a name, like “Restaurants” or “Wholesale”
  4. Save.
  5. Click the newly generated URL to see the page and share it with your buyers.

When you click, Manage Price Lists, the below screen will open:

Adding products and setting prices

  1. Once you create a price list, it will appear with a separate price field in each product.
  2. Products with “Default Price” will show up on all Price Lists.
  3. You can override it by inputting a price for that Price List.
    1. Default Price: $ 2.50
    2. Price List A: Blank (this buyer sees the default price)
    3. Price List B: $ 2.25 (this buyer only sees this price)
  4. If you want a certain product to be only available on certain Price Lists, you have to blank out the Default Price, then input a price for the Price Lists you want. For example:
    1. Default Price: Blank
    2. Price List A: $ 2.50
    3. Price List B: Blank (unavailable since there is no default price to show)
    4. Forager Buyer A: Blank (unavailable for this buyer)
    5. Forager Buyer B: $ 2.40

Seeing and sharing price lists

  1. Click “Price Lists” on the top right  of your Forager AVM.
  2. Click the Price List you want to share.
  3. When a new page opens, copy the URL.
  4. Share it with the buyers you want.
  5. Whenever you update the price list, it will update what your buyer sees when they link to your list.

Select Price List from Drop Down Menu:

It will open a new webpage, and you can share the URL for the web page with your buyers

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