Setting Delivery Days

After you have been connected to a buyer in Forager, in order for your products to be visible to the them, you need to set your delivery days. 

Step 1) Access the Availability Manager (AVM) either through your Weekly Reminder Email or the bookmarked page in your Browser:

Below is an example of the Weekly Reminder Email:

Step 2) If you have unset delivery days for any buyers, you will see the delivery days section open at the top of your AVM screen:

Step 3) Set the delivery days for the buyer:

  1. Click the days that you are able to deliver to the buyer. 
    • If you ship products via mail, UPS, etc., mark every day as a delivery day.
    • If you do not ship every week, you can choose the "variable" delivery option.
  2. Select the time and number of days before delivery that you need to receive the order.
  3. Click Save.

Your buyer will now see your products that you have setup in your AVM, and be able to purchase from you through Forager. If the delivery days are NOT set, the buyer will not see your products.

** TIP ** Delivery days need to be set for each buyer that you are connected to on Forager.

Once delivery days are set, they will not automatically display on your AVM home page anymore. To access and edit your delivery days, click the pencil (edit) icon to the right of delivery days.

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