How to Bookmark Your AVM in Forager

There is no login to Forager on the supplier side. You can link to your Availability Manager (AVM) through the weekly reminder emails that are sent from You can also bookmark your Forager AVM for quicker access.
Below are instructions for adding Forager as a Bookmark in Google Chrome:
1. Copy the link from the weekly update reminder email. Right Click on either the "Yes, that's correct" or "No, I want to update" buttons, and select "Copy Link":

2. Open your bookmark manager in Google Chrome. To access, click the three dots to the right of the browser bar and select Bookmarks –> Bookmark Manager:

3. Click the three dots:

4. Select “Add New Bookmark”:

5. Enter Forager in the name field and paste in the copied URL:

6. Click Save. You should now be able to get back into Forager via the bookmark. 

** Important Tip **

By setting the bookmark this way, please keep in mind that it is less secure as the token is not in encrypted. Just be sure to set the bookmark on a device that is secure and not accessible to the public.

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