Setting up deposits

Some products may have deposits that are returnable for credit, such as deposits for glass bottles or wooden flats.

You can set this up on Forager, so when the buyers order such products, the deposits are automatically calculated. It will also auto-calculate when buyers reduce the quantity ordered, to prevent errors in calculating deposits all together.

You can set up deposits in two steps: (1) You create a deposit as a product, and (2) you assign that deposit to appropriate products.

Creating Deposits


  1. In your AVM, click Add Product.
  2. For Product Category, select "Deposit".
  3. Name your deposit. Buyers will see the deposit amount, so you don't have to include it in your name.
  4. Size will default to 1 ct.
  5. For "Deposit added per", set if this deposit applies to each unit or each case. For example, a 12-count case of milk in pint bottles will have 12 bottles, so the deposit is being added per unit (count). Alternatively, if a 40 lb case of strawberries sold in flats will have 1 flat for the case, so the deposit is being added per case (40 lbs).
  6. For price, you can set a Default Price, which will apply to every buyer. If some buyers pay different amount for the same deposit, you can override the Default Price by inputting a buyer-specific price. 

Assigning Deposits to Products

Once you have created a deposit, you can now assign them to products that have that deposit.

  1. In your AVM, select a product that has a deposit.
  2. In edit product, check "Add Deposit".
  3. From the dropdown, select one of the deposits you have created.
  4. Note: If the product is sold by the unit, it will only show deposits that are added per unit. If the product is sold in cases, it will show both deposits that are added per unit and per case.

    For example, 12 count case of bottles would have 12 deposits per case, so it should be set as "per unit". For a 50 dozen pallet of eggs would have 1 deposit per case, so it should be set as "per case".
  5. Once added, you will be able to see it in your AVM: 

Once set up, when buyers add or remove products with deposits to an order, it will automatically calculate the quantity of same deposits. For example, if 5 pint bottles of strawberry milk and 5 pint bottles of chocolate milk were ordered, it would automatically add 10 pint bottle deposits. If 3 bottles are removed from the order, the deposit will change accordingly.

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