Add Item to Existing Order

You can add additional items to existing orders. You can either add an item from the suppliers product list in Forager, or a custom order. The steps below are to add an item from a suppliers existing product list.

Select the order you want to edit:

Once the order is open, click the "Edit Order" button on the right side:

You will now see the option for "Add new product". Click this button:

To choose a product from the supplier list, select a category from the drop down option under "Currently available products":

After choosing the category, select the product from the drop down listing under "Select a product...":

Enter the quantity you would like to purchase.  (Note, the units and cost will default to what the supplier has set for this item in Forager.) After entering the quantity be sure to click the "Save Changes" button to finish adding the item to the order.

The new item has been added to the order. Your supplier will get an updated email letting them know there has been a change to the order. This change will also be logged under "Conversations" so you will have an audit trail of updates and changes made to orders in the system

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