Search and Filter Orders

You can quickly search through your order lists to find specific ordersbased on your search criteria. You can search for things like:

  • order number
  • supplier name
  • product listed on an order/invoice

Enter your search text in the text box located at the top left of the tab and click enter. The list will be filtered for that search term.

You can also filter by date range. The system uses the order date when filtering. You can select a custom range or one of the pre-set search options including: Last 30 Days, Last 7 Days, Today, Next 7 Days and Next 30 Days.

To search by date, click the text field to the right of "due date" at the top of the tab. It will bring up a calendar menu where you can either select a pre-set rage from the right, or enter your custom dates on the left.

You an enter a customer date range in two ways:

Option 1 - Enter a date in the first date field at the top left, and then another date on the second date field on the top right.

Option 2 - Click a date on the calendar on the left, and then click the end date on the calendar on the right. 

Whichever option, once you dates are selected click the green "Apply" button on the right side to activate the date range search.

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