Mass Update for Orders and Invoices

For both orders and invoices, you can update multiple entries at once. Use the checkbox to the left of an order or invoice to choose the orders or invoices you want to update, and then use the blue button on the top right to:  

  • "Mark Delivered" for orders; and 
  • "Mark" for invoices for more options.

For invoices, you can do the following:

  • Approve / Approve & Pay: Only for "New" invoices
  • Pay: Only for "Approved" invoices

Some important things to keep in mind when doing a mass update:

Selected invoices must be in same status to execute the update otherwise, you will get an error message:

Using the mass update option "Pay" will schedule payment for EFT invoices and mark as paid for non-EFT invoices. You will still need to pay off platform for those non-EFT invoices.

Best Practices

  1. Use the Status Tabs: When doing mass updates for invoices, use the "New" or "Approved" Tabs to do mass updates, so you don't have to worry about selecting invoices with the same statuses.
  2. Beware of Selected Items: The selected items will remain selected after you execute a mass update. This was to make it easy to work with the invoices you want to work with. Be sure to unselect them if you no longer need them so they are not included in your next mass update.

How to Unselect All: 

Use the checkbox in the header row to select all and then click it again to deselect all. 

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