My Suppliers Page for Buyers

Your My Suppliers Page in Forager provides key information on your connected suppliers. To access the My Suppliers Page, you click the barn icon from the menu bar:

This will open your My Suppliers Page:

Under the Supplier Column you will find key contact information including:

Farm Name

Under the Payments Column you will find:

Payment Terms which can be selected from the drop down options.
EFT Status: Gray for "non-EFT" and Green if they are setup for electronic payments via "Forager EFT".

Under the Products Column you will find:

Number of Products Currently Available
Number of Days since the supplier last updated their Availability Manager

Under the History Column you will find:

Total Number of Orders Placed
Total Dollar Amount Purchased
First Order Date

You can also access additional links for each supplier by clicking on the three dots to the right of their entry:

This will open another menu where you can jump to invoices, orders or products for that particular supplier.

You can also access any personalized farm or business information that the supplier has setup by clicking the gray information icon:

Note - The icon will not be visible if this field is not filled out.

Finally, you can easily see whether a supplier is setup as on-platform or off-platform by the color of the leaf to the left of each entry:

green = on-platform
gray = off-platform

For more information on supplier types see  Supplier Types: On-Platform and Off-Platform.

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