Setting Description Field in Your AVM

The description field in your Availability Manager (AVM) allows you to enter personalized information about your farm that will be displayed on your public page as well as to your connected buyers on their my suppliers page.

To access the description field, click the pencil icon at the top of your AVM screen:

This will open the description field for editing:

Enter your information in the white text box. Note, this is a free text field and line breaks will not be displayed. There is a 1000 character limit for this field.

Some information that you may want to enter in this field:

  • Farming Practices
  • Key Contact Info
  • Ordering Information

Anything you feel is important for your buyers to know and that helps to personalize your farm, can be entered in the description field.

After entering your information, click the blue Save Button on the bottom left below the text box. 

This saved description will now be displayed in two locations:

Location 1) My Suppliers Page for Your Connected Buyers.

Location 2) Your Public Page 

Your public page can be shared with buyers regardless of whether they're using Forager or not. 

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