Forager Quick Access on an iPhone

While Forager does not currently have an app, you can set the URL link as an icon on your iPhone's home page, making it quick and easy to access. Both suppliers and buyers can setup an icon. The below instructions outline it for the supplier side.

Step 1) On Your iPhone, Access your Availability Manager (AVM) in Forager.

You can access the AVM through your Weekly Reminder Email. Below is an example of the Weekly Reminder Email. This will open the Forager URL in the browser of your iPhone.

Step 2) Once the URL is open in your browser, click the Action Button at the bottom of your iPhone. This is the rectangle with the arrow pointing up. It is usually in the middle at the bottom of your browser screen.

Step 3) This will bring up your action options. From the bottom row of gray icons, select the "Add to Home Screen" option.

** Tip ** You may not see this icon immediately. You may need to scroll right to see all of the options available and to find the "Add to Home Screen" option.

Step 4) You can name your bookmark icon, or leave the default name which will be Forager. To finish, click the "Add" button.

You now have an icon on your iPhone's home page that you can use to quickly access your Forager Availability Manager (AVM). When you click the icon, it will open Forager in your browser.

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