Exporting Invoices to Catapult

Invoice information can be export from Forager for import into your Catapult Point of Sale system. 

To access the export -

1) Click the Invoices Icon on the left of you screen to open the Invoices Screen.

2) Check the invoices you want to export by clicking the box to the left of each invoice.

NOTE: For best practices, you should select from your Paid invoices tab to be sure the invoice is "complete". You should also export for specific timeframes, so that each export has a unique period and group of invoices.

Once you've selected the invoices to be export, click the Export button on the right of the screen and select "CSV for Catapult".

This will automatically download a file called "invoices.csv" to your system. The file will contain the following fields that you will need to map to your Catapult system:

Product_id - This will be the unique identify for each product in the Forager system.

Name - Name of the Product

Description - Description of the Product

Size - The size that was purchased.

Unit - The unit measurement for that product.

Quantity - The quantity of the product that was purchased.

Price - The price paid for the product.

Below is a sample of the csv file export:

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