Accessing Your Public Page

Once you have setup your Availability Manager (AVM) in Forager, you have access to a Public Page which lists your products and default wholesale pricing.

To Get to Your Public Page  

Public Page Tips

  • You can provide your Public Page URL to anyone, even buyers not on the Forager platform, so that they can see your product listing. You can find the URL to share with your buyers at the top of your browser window.
  • The pricing that shows on the Public Page is the default pricing that you have setup in your AVM. The public page won’t show buyer-specific items. It will only show those products that have default pricing set. If no default price is set, the item will not show up on your public page.
  • You can add a description in your Availability Manger that will show up on your Public Page for buyers to see. See Setting Up Your Availability Manager for more information. This description will also be displayed to your connected Forager buyers on their My Suppliers Page.

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