Receiving and Editing Orders

Navigate to Orders Dashboard (the Truck symbol in the Left Side Menu.)

* NOTE ** You can also use the tabs to find the Order that you want to Receive and/or Edit

  • Click on an Order Number to go to the Order Details.
  • You can see the Order Details and Any Conversation Related to that Order.
  • You can click “Edit Order” which opens the Order Editor.
  • You can select Delivery Date. (Note, Click the calendar icon to open the delivery date field.)
  • You can add supplier Invoice Number.
  • You can click “Mark as Delivered” which receives the Order and turns it into an Invoice
  • Editing Orders

    • You can edit the Quantities Received (make 0 to remove), Add “Off-the-Truck” Products, and/or Apply Discount or Credits to the Order
    • Supplier will receive an email update any time the Order is Edited
    • They can reply to the email and the reply will stay in the Order’s Conversation area
    • You can continue communicating in the Conversation area and the Supplier will get all Messages in the same email thread.

Adding Additional Product

You can select from the supplier Availability Manager. Select the Product Category and Product Name from the Drop Down. The screen will then update and you can enter the quantity. 

If you need to add a product not listed in their Availability Manger, you can click "Add Custom Product" and enter what you need.

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