Placing Orders

Once you have added products to your shopping cart, you can place the order.

  1. Navigate to Your Cart (the Shopping Cart symbol in the Top Right Corner of any Screen)
  2. Here you can see all of the Products that have been added to the cart. You can also Edit Orders from this screen if needed.
    1. You can remove Products, edit the Quantities, and/or change the Delivery Date before placing the order.
    2. ** NOTE **  The Products are grouped by Supplier into different Pending Orders
  3. Click “Place Order” or “Place All Orders” to send the Order to the Supplier
    1. They will receive an email with the Order details
    2. They can reply to the email and the reply will stay in the Order’s Conversation area
    3. You can continue communicating in the Conversation area and the Supplier will get all Messages in the same email thread

Once you have placed the order, you can communicate with your suppliers by sending them a message through Forager. 

Go to your orders by clicking the truck icon. Click on the order number of the order on which you want to send a message to your supplier.

Once the order is open, there is a section at the bottom for conversations. Enter your message in the text box and then click "Send Message". Your message will appear in yellow on the screen. 

Any messages that your supplier sends to you will also appear in this conversation area.

** NOTE ** You can also send private message to other people at your organization. To do that, enter you text and then click the 'Add Private Note" option. This will not be shared with your supplier but other users at your organization will be able to see the note when viewing the order.

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