Buyer Dashboard

Logging into Forager brings you to your Buyer Dashboard where you can see information like:

  1. Weekly Local Purchases through Forager
  2. Status Updates from Your Suppliers
  3. Upcoming Deadlines
  4. Scheduled Deliveries for the Week
  5. New Products available from your Suppliers ** Note, you can add items directly into your Cart from the New Products widget on your dashboard. **
  6. Notifications
    1. New Messages - If your buyer sends you a communication through Forager, you will see a notification by the message icon on your dashboard.
    2. Your Shopping Cart - If you have items in your shopping cart that have not yet been purchased, you will see a notification by the cart icon on your dashboard.

    The Menu on the Left Side of the Screen will take you to each section of the platform: 

    • Dashboard
    • Products
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • My Suppliers
    • Help - Note, detailed documentation for each section is available under the Help section.
    • Settings

Tip: The menu defaults without the labels. Click the box/button on the top left of the screen, as shown in the image above, to expand and display the labels.

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